I've discovered a simple reality: that we are happier when we play! When we take time & responsibility for our own happiness we ALSO discovered a personal super power because (IN WALKS) self care. Self care helps us heal the only person that we truly can and by doing so positively effects the world around us.

It's simple but it's true. 


* the WILD: is the release of creative energy; this is the medicine of play through yogic movement, dance, art, breath and laughter. 

* the WONDER: is the vastness of space that we begin to recognize & connect with as our conscious connection to mind, body & spirit activates & grows.

* the YOGA: is the place we call home and where our temple can be
found. (If this is a new concept for you don't worry; it's as simple as

* the ART: is a natural expression of your soul designed to communicate with light and energy through color, movement and creative expression. 

Tel: 808-464-1045

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