dancing with ourselves: both shadows & light

Discover the Multifaceted Goddess through the magic of Myth & Storytelling * Sacred Art Creation * Yogic Embodiment * Soul & Sound Journeys * Tarot Play- shop * Intuitive Circle Ritual & Nature Ceremonies. 


is a call to the forgotten pieces of YOU wanting to come home.


  • Learn more about the archetypes of the DARK GODDESS and why she has been misrepresented through out HISTORY. Why do we need her stories and how do they help us heal? 

  • Reclaim your personal power and healing with the magic of  SOUL work, SELF love and SACRED inner awareness.   

  • Explore "Soul Journey" work with use of meditation, sound, breath, movement & intuitive arts. 

  • Release stuck energy with a very special crystal bowl & sound journey by Kelley Rasch. 


Wake up in tropical paradise each day to Hawaiian grown coffee & organic teas, gourmet vegan meals, big sky views of the ocean and the incredible hospitality of the Center at Kahuna Falls.

  • Learn how to use Mirror Work & Intuitive Tarot for Self Love & Soul Connection. 

  • ATTEND: the Black & White BAD Ball will be a glorious celebration where we will use humor, parody & costume to dance with own shadows and learn while we play. 

  • Be nourished by gourmet vegan gluten free meals made to taste like pure comfort food.

  • Practice stillness through gentle mindfulness exercises & meditations. 

  • Experience inner journey work and unite with your animal guide(s).



dark goddess retreat SCHEDULE 



CHECK IN: 3 pm

Opening Day 

4:00 pm: Aloha Welcome Ceremony & Story Circle 

Archetypes of the Multifaceted Dark Goddess 

5:00 pm: Natural World Wand Creation (mixed material) 

6:00 pm: Gourmet Vegan & Gluten Free Dinner 

Temple Libations: of Blue Lotus & Jasmine 

7:00 pm: Opening Fire & Mythic Storytelling  

8:00 pm: Cosmic Crystal Sound Bath by Sacred Healing Journeys  

*Optional Moonlit Initiations: Earth Cave & Riverside Silent Meditation 



8:00 am: Fresh Coffee & Tea with Vegan Gluten Free Gourmet Breakfast 

9:00 am: BLACK HONEY: Blindfolded Extra Gentle Yogic Flow 

10:00 am: What Lies Below: Subconscious Mask Making (multi paper & ink) 

12:00 pm: Gourmet Vegan & Gluten Free Lunch

3:00 pm: Feeding Your Demons: A Buddhist Approach to Shadow 

5:00 pm: Gourmet Vegan & Gluten Free Dinner

Temple Libations: Kava Tea & Lemon 

6:00 pm: Understanding Shadow Spirit Animals & Guides 

7 pm: HEART DRUM: Underworld Journey with drumming by Sacred Healing Journeys 

8:00 pm: Tarot & Chill: Temple Integration 


8:00 am: Fresh Coffee & Tea with Vegan Gluten Free Gourmet Breakfast 

9:00 am: Breath-work Meditation & Gentle Yin Yoga 

10:00 am: Final Costume Creation & Prep 

12:00 pm: Gourmet Vegan & Gluten Free Lunch

3:00 pm: Mirror Work: The Path to Self Love & Discovery

4:00 pm: Optional - Professional Makeup update & Photography Portrait Session!!!

5:00 pm: Villainous Vixen Dinner (Gourmet, Vegan & GF as always) 

Temple Libations: Ceremonial Cacao & Rose 

7:00 pm: Attend: B&W BAD GAL BALL!!! It's an Archetypal Evening of Dark Goddess Dress-up

8:00 pm: Starry Night Bonfire & Mythic Storytelling 



CHECK OUT: 11 am (bags can be stored while on outing)

8:00 am: Fresh Coffee & Tea with Vegan Gluten Free Gourmet Breakfast 

9:00 am: Closing Circle & Integration 

10:00 am: Riverside Water & Flower Ceremony

12:00 pm: Gourmet Vegan & Gluten Free Lunch

1 pm: optional: Water Adventure Hike! 

(our destination is a big secret and so worth the hike...) 





The Center at Kahuna Falls

big island hawaii

The Center at Kahuna Falls is kind of mind blowing on it’s own; with over 46 acres of Big Island conservation land lush with native guava trees, grasses, birds, and wild orchids. A feeling of wonder settles upon you on this land. Choose to skip through the green fern forests and along the riverside for picnics, meditation and even a refreshing dip. The Center is designed to give each guest a sense of home and real ALOHA while they are visiting the island of Hawaii and this is evident in loving details put in everything they do. Details like incredibly yummy vegetarian/vegan meals that are prepared three times daily and thoughtful touches like how they plant a pineapple in the memory of each retreat that visits.


We are beyond excited to host in this sacred yummy space! Take a moment to soak in the eye candy photos of Kahuna Falls Center and see what I’m talking about. Notice the HUGE temple space, epic views and all of the nature beauty this sacred land has to offer.


4 days & 3 nights

Luxury Double Occupancy

Gourmet Vegan GF meals

Dark Goddess Classes




deposit only


payment in full

MEET the Chefs for Dark Goddess Retreat:


Kurtis and Esther have been lovingly creating rainbows of delicious foods together for three years.

Both vegan for health and ethical reasons these two are always experimenting with ways of taking plant based food to new levels. Kurt & Esther’s hunger for their traditional home style meals has inspired a natural “fusion” of Hawaiian and English vegan comfort food that will not disappoint

your taste buds!


Experience: Juicy fruit platters of mouthwatering local organic fruits. Rich & hearty comfort foods like vegan cheesy gluten free lasagna & island favorites like beetroot poke and smokey jackfruit laulau!


Their favorite ingredients are ʻuala (purple sweet potato), Kabocha pumpkins, Rapoza mangoes, buttery avocados, sweet dates and juicy solo papayas! Coconut curry, Haupia, homemade chocolate covered macademia nuts and vegan cheesecake are their most loved meals.


Always organic and full of Aloha! Every meal is designed with creativity & colour making eating a special experience. Kurt & Esther love creating nourishing mouthwatering food that leaves their guests full of wonder at their vegan delights.


Check out their Instagram for more yummy vegan photos to drool over: https://instagram.com/Bluest_king

Real questions?

Talk to a Real person?

Or at least a Real mermaid...

Tel: 808-464-1045

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