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I've been spending way too much time online trying to figure out what's working for wellness businesses and what's not. Personally, the whole system makes me want to switch industries, but I LOVE what I do!


So, I've begun to throw out the boxes and quests for likes in search of what inspires me. Here's the flow that I'd love to see: I'd love to see more wellness professionals networking and connect as a community of healers instead of fearing competition. I'd love to see more folks who are offering up their passions & practices  in workshops & retreats and getting a real return on it. I'd love to reach more people with what I do and I want to do so with authenticity. 


I am beginning to feel that we need more "guerilla marketing". To me this term means low cost - people driven - marketing instead of relying on social media platforms. I am ready to innovate my advertising and I need your help...

WANT $50- off any of my online services or $100- off any upcoming retreat? 


STEP 1: SHARE - Please Share our Facebook Event page on your personal timeline. 


STEP 2: PRINT - This is where the gorilla marketing comes in. We will send you an easy to download flyer that's ready for regular white printer paper. We are asking you to print 5 - 10 flyers and put them up in your neighborhood on legal bulletin boards. Places like coffee shops, natural food stores, yoga studios & community centers are great! You will be part of our team to spread the word and in exchange we'd like to offer you a gift. 


STEP 3: RECEIVE - Redeem your coupon at any time for $50- off any online service or $100 off any upcoming retreat! This coupon never expires and there are new retreats being added all the time. 

Tel: 808-464-1045

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