“There's no feeling like finally being in your element; the amalgamation of where you are, what you're doing and who you are within the essence of your being, the depth of your soul.”


is a call to the essence of you - that special spark of your SOUL.


This lovingly crafted retreat container is intended to activate each guest’s inner guru & guide with practical energetic tools for self healing & soul discovery. Our teachers for the week will be the Elemental energies themselves that of: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. Immersed in luscious nature on the incredible Big Island of Hawaii - we will explore different ways to heal our temples through INNER & OUTER connection with our body, spirit and soul.


If you’ve been craving this kind of Elemental Soul medicine - your time has come!       

Learn more about our souls frequency and vibration with Good Vibes 101, crystal bowl sound journeys, tuning forks, and other sonic alchemy. Explore “Soul Journey” techniques through the use of drumming, breath work, movement, ceremony & creative expression. Wake up in tropical paradise each day to gourmet vegan meals, all level yoga, meditation and the joy of being in your ELEMENT with the love & support of like minded tribe.        

  • Venture into fun & new territory with other activated conscious creators.

  • Bliss out with yoga & meditation that’s designed to be gentle and heart-opening.

  • Activate the right side of your brain even more through art therapy projects.

  • Surround yourself with natural beauty to stimulate your senses and calm your body.

  • Get high on your own supply using breath work techniques.

  • Tune into the healing melodic vibrations of crystal bowl sound baths.

  • Learn how to use tuning forks and frequency for a healthier body & being.

  • Become intimate with your soul using meditation and awareness on center point.

  • Be nourished by gourmet vegan gluten free meals made to taste like pure comfort food.

  • Practice stillness and understand more about your own energetic Chakra system.

  • Experience inner journey work and unite with your animal guide(s).

  • Learn more about our Universe’s Elemental powers and ways to honor these energies.

  • Gain confidence & expand your perspective with new intuitive tools.




CHECK IN: 3 pm

Opening Day/(HEART)

4 pm: Aloha Welcome Ceremony

Flower offerings & personal nature altar creation

Soul Striptease: Releasing Our Fears

Group Mandala Making

Dinner: 6 pm

Storytelling - Myths & Starry Night Bonfire



Earth- North (Root Heart)

Grounding In Meditation (White Buffalo)

Earth Day/(ROOT)

Breakfast : 8 am

9 am: Rooting In... Somatic Center Point Meditation & Yoga Flow

Flora & Fauna: Walking Meditation & Aina Tour

Lunch: 12 pm

Dinner: 5 pm

7 pm: Earth Womb Cave

Spirit Animal Drum Journey

Kava Ceremony & Story Circle



Air- East  (Throat & 3rd EYE)

Visionary Meditation (Hummingbird)

Air Day/(THROAT)

Breakfast :8am

9 am: Breathwork Meditation & Yoga

Draw Your Breath - Creative Exercise

Lunch: 12pm

3:00 pm Tuning In... Vibrational Therapy

Dinner: 5 pm

7:00 pm: Cosmic Yin & Crystal Sound Bath



Water- West (Sacral & Heart)

Fluid Form Meditation (Humpback Whale)  

Water Day/(SACRAL)

Breakfast: 8 am       

Haena Beach Hike & Water Play day

Picnic Lunch

Dinner: 5pm

Evening: Movie Night



Fire- South/Day Four (Solar Plexus)

Kali Meditation (Kundalini)


Breakfast :8am

9 am Sunshine Yoga & Meditation

Within & Without: Soul Mask Making

Lunch: 12pm

3 pm Rainbow Serpent - Chakra Exploration  

Evening: Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sonic Lullaby


Crown - Day/ Five (crown)

Shiva Meditation (Spider)

CHECK OUT: 11 am

Ether Day/ Crown

Breakfast :8am


Golden Luminous Meditation

Closing Circle & Integration

Special: Water & Flower Ceremony

The Center at Kahuna Falls

The Center at Kahuna Falls is kind of mind blowing on it’s own; with over 46 acres of Big Island conservation land lush with native guava trees, grasses, birds, and wild orchids. A feeling of wonder settles upon you on this land. Choose to skip through the green fern forests and along the riverside for picnics, meditation and even a refreshing dip. The center is designed to give each guest a sense of home and real ALOHA while they are visiting the island of Hawaii and this is evident in loving details put in everything they do. Details like incredibly yummy vegetarian/vegan meals that are prepared three times daily and thoughtful touches like how they plant a pineapple in the memory of each retreat that visits.


We are beyond excited to host in this sacred yummy space! Take a moment to soak in the eye candy photos of Kahuna Falls Center and see what I’m talking about. Notice the HUGE temple space, epic views and all of the nature beauty this sacred land has to offer.

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